Ocacti, Pier 7, Dubai Marina

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Ocacti, Pier 7, Dubai Marina


What Ladies Get: Fresh cocktails and selected beverages

Nights Applicable: Tuesday

Ladies Night Timings: 6pm to midnight

Bar Closes: 2am

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Vibe: Latino



Ocacti is a top notch sizzling Latin-themed restaurant & lounge, taking its form as a Mediterranean mansion. A fine-dining establishment offering the ultra-luxury in authentic Mexican cuisine.

Ocacti is perceived as a symbol of latest innovation and creativity in Food-Art, entertainment & leisure.

The head chef creates a true identity by serving unique signature dishes. The Schumann branded cocktail-bar serves the latest libation innovations as well as mouth-watering tastes. Including an exclusive selection of the finest wines from all around the world.

Website: Ocacti
Facebook: Ocacti Facebook Page